Dynamiter “Home Away from Home”

Each season the Kimberley Dynamiters recruit talented young hockey players who show great potential to play at the junior level. In order to take advantage of this great opportunity, the players need families willing to share their homes, and become a “Home Away from Home” for them.

The Importance of Billet Families to the Kimberley Dynamiters is Un-Measurable

Many of our Billet families have done this for many players from all over Canada and the United States. These boys, ages ranging from 16-20, have been able to complete their high school education, take classes at the College of the Rockies, hold part time jobs and volunteer in our community while pursuing their hockey dreams. Many of these young players are away from home for the first time and are adjusting to a higher level of hockey, new school, and an unfamiliar community, all without the support of their family or friends. With all of these sources of stress, the roll of the billet is a critical one.

In most cases very strong bonds are made between the player and his billet family as well as the player’s family. These relationships will often carry on for many years after the player has left the team. Often Billet families can be seen following “their” player in his future career be it college, semi-pro or pro. Our players have proven to be great role models for younger children in the Billet home, as they demonstrate hard work and determination to achieve tough goals.

What is expected of the Billet Family

The player will require a room of his own, or can share with another team member. Will need a bed, dresser and some closet space. Players are expected to provide their own personal care items, cell phones, game stations, media equipment and take care of their own transportation needs (most will have their own vehicle).

As billet hosts you play a huge part of the success of our team.  You provide a safe, caring, and healthy environment for those players who are away from home.  Nutrition is a very important factor, as without a balanced diet provided from fresh wholesome meals, a player’s health and performance can be affected.  Players are capable of making their own breakfasts and lunches.  For dinners and pregame meals, we ask that a healthy meal be available, whether freshly made or pre-made, players can help prepare when needed.  We understand that all billet homes are working families, so may not have time to prepare a home cooked meal each night, but crock pots and earlier pre-made meals can be a life saver.  While healthy food is required there is no expectation that you as a billet should cook any differently than you would normally.

We ask our billets homes to treat their players as “one of the family” and not just a “renter”. As team members, players may hard practices and bad games. Times such as these, a player may need support from billet family.  These boys are young and in need of rules, guidance, friendship and acceptance. Having a hockey player in your home takes time, patience, and a willingness to share. But the rewards you receive far outweigh the amount of effort required.

If at any time our players show disrespect to his billet families or home, please let me know right away.  By doing so, this gives the coaching staff the chance to promptly address the matter.

If you have to be away at any time over the season, to where the player will be left alone or needs to be moved while you are away, please contact billet coordinator.

As a billet host you will receive $750 a month, being paid half on 15th day of month and remainder at end of month.

What is expected of the Player

As a Kimberley Dynamiter, players must adhere to all team and house rules and show respect and consideration towards all family members. Our billet hosts generosity will not be taken for granted.

Players will arrive with your own clothing, equipment and basic toiletry items. Some may bring your own laptops/game stations. Whether you are sharing a room or bathroom facility, you are expected to keep your areas tidy, follow household rules and to help with chores around the house. (eg.  cleaning up after meals, raking leaves, cutting grass, shoveling snow in winter, etc).  You will be expected to do own laundry.  You will also expected to have their own spending money for both day-to-day expenses and basic food needs while travelling.

As team members, you are expected to respect and follow rules and guidelines as set by the Head Coach in respect to regular evening and game night curfews, dress code, drug and alcohol use and behaviour in the community. It is the responsibility of the player to make all team commitments on time, whether its for practices, games, morning meetings, team community involvement events, work or school. 

If you or your family are interested in the possibilty of becoming a Dynamiter Billet or would like more information, please contact Dynamiter Billet Coordinator Karrie Hall (250) 427-6525 or email hallck@shaw.ca