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Dynamiters Deep Dive

My name is Jesse Heinrichs and I’m a huge fan of the game. Since I was a kid I’ve been in love with the fast pace and the intensity of hockey, but more-so, it’s ability to bring people together. It’s effect in the community is evident on any given night at the Civic Centre. Our community is so proud of this team and it’s history.

The game of hockey can be so much more that ‘just a game’. It’s a way for us to come together a few times a week and see our wonderful neighbours. It gives us common ground with each other, and it gives us another outlet to put our community pride on display.

This is why I’m excited to be contributing with this blog. It makes me happy to give a little bit back to the team that helps make Kimberley the best place in the world.

Once again, thanks for your readership.

Let’s go Nitros!

Dynamiters Deep Dive